WP Robot 3 Review, an Autoblogging WordPress Plugin


WP Robot plugin, which I bought several months ago, is an easy and powerful plugin that already becomes one of the most popular (if not the most one) and feature-rich WordPress autoblogging in the market, at least that is what I’ve seen from this great plugin. It allows you to create a complete auto-pilot blog […]

WPZonBuilder Review, the Best Amazon Plugin


WPZonBuilder is a new amazon wordpress plugin which is launched on March 2010 by its creator, Louis. I’ve been using this plugin since it’s first time launched. Though it’s still new, I can make sure that it’s the best plugin in the market today. As I promised on my previous post, now I’ll take my […]

The Best Amazon Plugin for WordPress


Is there any best amazon plugin for wordpress? If you are the one who likes to build various online store for Amazon products, then those question is the first one on your mind. Blogging in your own wordpress site will bring more benefits for getting it as your business. You can get this so easy […]

Not Again!


Oh what a hard month! Please…not again If on December 2009 ago I got several attacks on my sites, now (again) I have to face another problem, an overload server issue. As you know, I used shared hosting for 1.5 years. And last month, precisely two weeks ago, my shared hosting account had a suspended […]

Wake Up from Several Attacks


Phew! what a tired week. I’m still in progress of rebuilding some sites after getting various attacks several weeks ago. Well, it’s not only fully external mistake, but also an internal one. I didn’t use high security system on my PC and websites last month, so the external attack became easier to launch their gun! […]