WPZonBuilder Review, the Best Amazon Plugin

WPZonBuilder is a new amazon wordpress plugin which is launched on March 2010 by its creator, Louis. I’ve been using this plugin since it’s first time launched. Though it’s still new, I can make sure that it’s the best plugin in the market today. As I promised on my previous post, now I’ll take my time to review this cool plugin. I’ve already played with other amazon plugins, and with WPZonBuilder, we can get more feature than other amazon plugins.

WP ZonBuilder allows you to easily add hundreds of Amazon products. It has admin panel to control your setting, even if you have no experience with WordPress.

Integrates with Amazon for any country. WP Zon Builder works with all the international versions of the Amazon Associate Program include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan.

Simple layout. I don’t get any trouble in setting the layout on WPZonBuilder, even in excerpt post for product at homepage, category page, or others. If I compare WPZonBuilder layout system with other amazon plugins, perhaps, there is only AutoEstore plugin which also has simple layout. I won’t say that other plugins have no simple layout. But, they have different system which need more time and modification to get best performance.

Customer review feature. We can add customer review as product post or comment mode. From my experience when using all amazon plugin, it’s only WPZonBuilder which has customer review like that. Even its comment column feature has beautiful star rating.

Youtube video, PHPBay, and PHPOstock integration. These features are really great. Another plugin which also has these features is ReviewAzon only (and of course WPZonBuilder too).

Add bulk product feature. This feature is also had by WPAmaNiche plugin, but only produces 100 search results. While on WPZonBuilder, after I got the modification file from Louis and compare it, the add bulk product feature has more powerfull result which can produce more than 100 products on search result.

Easy template system. It’s easy to read and change, and you can create your own product template layout. I want my site shows the content which is match with product on Amazon that the visitor will find for. I don’t want to give them a bored design layout. With this feature, you can use the included templates (the weasel one makes me laugh) or you can make your own template.

Searching and adding to the post queue. When you search for products to add to your site, you have the following options which you can sort the results into: featured products, best-selling, customer review counts, price, and alphabetical. This feature allows you to quickly find products with existing customer reviews and which products are highly sought after.

Reporting click. This feature is only had by WP Zon Builder and ReviewAzon. The benefit from this feature is to see what product which is more popular between the visitor click.

New Feature in WPZonBuilder 2 (Update)

In the WpZonBuilder 2, you can get more exposure with custom field mapping, link cloaking, RDFa microformat (this is good for SEO purpose) and star rater in the comment form (only WPZonBuilder has this feature). Therefore, your visitors can post comment and rate your post, search browse node, and many other features which come in this latest version such as automatic post tagging, fancybox image galleries, duplicate checking, and many others.

Oh, I almost forgot, this plugin still has a low price. I recommend you having this great plugin before it’s going up. You can use “wptipnet133” coupon code to get 33% off for a limited time, this discount price is the lowest discount that i can find among the others.

See you on my next plugin review! ;)


  1. says

    Thanks for the thorough review. I have been scouring the web to sort out the Amazon wordpress plugins. Have you seen where Amazon is going to cut off access to reviews through API pulls beginning Nov 8? Seems like this is going to really affect these plugins. I may have waited too long to try this!

  2. Josh says

    is it just me or is zon builder just never updated anymore? does this product even haev support anymore? is there a developer behind it anymore? I think Louis left it and now it is dead.

    • Evyta says

      they always have the newest update file, you can download it on your member account. I just download it and update the latest one.

      To my know, yes, Louis has sold the wpzonbuilder to other person, and he doesn’t do any support again. But, the new management still has good support and they also launch the latest update for the plugin, especially to fix the problems/bugs of latest wordpress issue. Maybe you can try asking them on their official support page. I hope it’s useful and thanks for your feedback.

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