WP Robot 3 Review, an Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

WP Robot plugin, which I bought several months ago, is an easy and powerful plugin that already becomes one of the most popular (if not the most one) and feature-rich WordPress autoblogging in the market, at least that is what I’ve seen from this great plugin. It allows you to create a complete auto-pilot blog and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify.

Then, why is it so powerful? I’ve used it for several blogs and it looks like we play with a lot of cool toys at one small playground, because of its complete features. It is capable of adding Amazon product posts, Yahoo Answers include its questions and answers, eBay auctions, targeted articles, Youtube videos, Clickbank ads and Flickr images to your weblog automatically and you still have full control over which kind of posts you want to create.

Since it has been updated to WP Robot 3, it is more like a complete recreate software with many sections recoded and a lot of exciting new features added. There are also no restriction of which modules you want to use in a single post. Even you can add several Amazon products to a post or create a mixture off all modules.

New Templating System. The new feature introduced is post template system which allows you to mix content from different modules into a single post. What also makes me interesting is, you can add custom fields from your theme into WP Robot template to match the layout, then customize the template for whatever it looks like.

Insert the content into your manual posts, that’s one of WP Robot feature. You can add thumbnails easily, affiliate products and many more automatically, similar like you write your own post.

Keyword Campaigns. WP Robot organizes your large number of long-tail keywords you are targeting into campaigns and create posts randomly for each. Campaigns also offer the exclusion or replacement for certain keywords you want.

Powerful Randomization Options. WP Robot uses 5 different ways of randomization in order to make each post looks natural and unique.

New duplicate post prevention. This will protect your blog from duplicate post because sometimes there are several similar posts once it’s posted with certain keywords.

New Module in WP Robot

After launching WP Robot 3, Thomas, the creator of WP Robot wordpress plugin, created also other modules that you can get for free if you’re their old customer who bought WP Robot full (elite). The modules are:

Shopzilla Module. Shopzilla is one of the biggest product comparison websites in the internet today. With this module, you can access Shopzilla vast database of products and combine the comparison shopping content for your visitors.

Press Release Module, it can post all press releases which are available on PRWeb.com to your weblog in autopilot.

Commission Junction Module. CJ is one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies and there are hundreds of advertisers from different countries run their affiliate program with CJ. By using this module, you can access all those advertiser programs, post products and listing data to your weblog automatically.

Twitter Module, allows you to access all content available on twitter.com and easily include any “tweets” related to your blog’s niche.

Oodle Module. Oodle.com is a big website for classifieds, featuring millions of listings in several different countries and various categories. This module can access all of Oofle’s content by using their official API program and post it to your weblog automatically.

Linkshare Module. Linkshare is one of the largest affiliate networks besides Commission Junction. With this module, you can get more content and other ways to earn money from your business sites.

iTunes Module. You can access all the content in the Apple iTunes store, no matter if you want apps, videos or music, only by using this plugin.

Eventful Module. This module uses the huge database of musicals, concerts and other festivals on Eventful.com to provide targeted content.

I like Shopzilla and CJ module. With these modules, I can create a simple comparison price method on my blog. Comparison price will increase the selling conversion, means more profit you can get :)

If we compare WP Robot 3 with previous version, it’s like a whole new product! This will make it becomes one of the best autoblog plugin in the market, and the good news it you can use coupon code “WARRIORROBOT” to get $91 off from the original price. Get WPRobot with special discount price in here

But honestly, for Amazon plugin only, I can put WP Robot at the second place after WPZonBuilder plugin. I’ve already played with various amazon plugins, but when I used WPZonBuilder, we can get more feature than other amazon plugins in the market. But, if you look for wordpress autoblog plugin, then the WP Robot 3 is the best one on the internet market.

If you want to know more about WPZonBuilder, you can read my full review here.

See you on my next wordpress plugin review! ;)


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