Wake Up from Several Attacks

Phew! what a tired week. I’m still in progress of rebuilding some sites after getting various attacks several weeks ago. Well, it’s not only fully external mistake, but also an internal one. I didn’t use high security system on my PC and websites last month, so the external attack became easier to launch their gun! :D My data were injected by malware, virus, and unwanted code, hohoho :D . So, I deleted all infected files and rebuild new ones. As you can see now, my site is still under consctruction.

It was my first time experience. You can imagine, my works, money, data, important file, and others are broken because of “a small whole” only, my mistake. It’s like “a big shot” and I was getting shock for a while. Lucky me, my hosting provider has one step further than anybody. Before I knew my files contain of malware and unwanted code, they have detected those unusual code, cleaned them all and changed my hosting account password before I did, in order to prevent a phising activity.

So, here I am. Life must go on and we have to wake up and get up again with more energy to get success! And this experience gives me a lot of knowledges. Now I understand how to secure my sites higher. The most important things I get is – don’t disparage the website security system – next time


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