The Best Amazon Plugin for WordPress

Is there any best amazon plugin for wordpress? If you are the one who likes to build various online store for Amazon products, then those question is the first one on your mind. Blogging in your own wordpress site will bring more benefits for getting it as your business. You can get this so easy because there are a lot of amazon plugin out there to build an automatic store. Here are several best Amazon plugin for WordPress that I ever tried.

The best amazon plugin for wordpress, as I’ve already tried them all, is WPZonBuilder. It allows you to easily add hundreds of Amazon products from all the international versions of the Amazon Associate Program include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. Besides, WPZonBuilder also has Youtube video, PHPBay, and PHPOstock integration.

One of its features is customer review feature which allows you to add customer review as product post or comment mode. Another features is the easy template system which can be changed easily, and even you can create your own product template layout. You can read the full review about WPZonBuilder here.

WP Robot
Another most popular plugins for Amazon product is WP Robot plugin. WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images and Clickbank ads to your weblog automatically. On the latest update of WP Robot 3, I saw a lot of improvements that is like a complete remake of the software with many sections recoded from scratch and many exciting new features added such as keyword campaign, duplicate post prevention, and 5 new modules.

With WP Robot 3, you can add Shopzilla, twitter, CJ, and Oodle module already to increase your affiliate earning. I like shopzilla and cj module. With this module, now I can make a simple comparison price blog on my niche blog. Read my full review about WP Robot 3 here.

ReviewAzon has updated its version, and the newest version is really rock! I cannot believe that they did a lot of major update since it was launched. Reviewazon 2 has been customized wіth flexіble stylе sheеtѕ and HTML templаtes fоr lаyout сustоmіzаtiоn and сuѕtоm code blоcks which allows user can control what they want to show as output. I have written a review for ReviewAzon plugin completely, so you can read my review about it fully here.

Another great Amazon plugin is ShopperPress. ShopperPress actually is a theme which is integrated with powerful online store features. It provides you import tools for Amazon, Ebay, even CSV importer for CJ, Shareasale, and other affiliate marketplace. If you want to create your own business store, ShopperPress also has 20 integrated payment gateways and built in shipping option for online store purpose. With all these features, this plugin becomes the most complete online store plugin in the market. To read a complete review of this theme, click here.

The last plugin for Amazon automation is WPAmaNiche. With WPAmancihe you only need to enter your details, perform a search for products, decide which products you want to publish and select the timeframe over which products would be posted on your site, and bumb! you have great Amazon niche website on your wordpress blog.

I don’t tell you that there are only these four amazon plugins in the market, but these are the best ones at this time instead others. In my opinion – and also others – these plugins can make your business more effective than before. There are also a lot of other amazon plugins which also are good such as WPShopping Pages, and many others, but I’m still waiting for their updates.

Updated: May, 5 2012


  1. says

    kadang iri juga klo ng’liat WP plugginnya banyak hhe.. sampe amazon juga ada ya Sob.. tp gpp deh berhubung aku juga ga bsnis internet hhe…..

    • admin says

      there is no plugin for blogger because it’s a freehost with different type of engine. you can only put the amazon widget into your blogger widget (as an alternative). hope it helps. thanks for your feedback.

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