Perform File Recovery Task With Magic Partition Recovery

magicpartitionrecoveryMagic Partition Recovery is important tool for your business. The main function of the program is recovering files and folders, repairing broken partitions, and rebuilding corrupted or missing file system in full auto mode. The program is using quick and comprehensive analysis mode. As the result, the users are able to recover files and rebuild the original file system according to the information which is still available.

By using Magic Partition Recovery, you can complete the file recovery task. The program has the ability to un-delete the deleted files from healthy, formatted, and damaged partitions. It will help you to recover all types of files from all storage media types. Magic Partition Recovery offers the quick scan mode which is working to show the list of deleted files in seconds. The program is also designed with comprehensive analysis mode. This function will locate files based on their content and will scan the entire disk surface.

Another feature available in Magic Partition Recovery is the disk, partition, and file system recovery. The program will solve errors in disk system structures. It is also rebuilding the systems which are badly damaged, overwritten, and also missing according to the information gotten from comprehensive analysis. Installing the program allows you to un-format formatted disks. You can also recover broken partition tables and MBR records. The program has the ability to fix any corrupted disk effectively so you can use it again.

Magic Partition Recovery is designed with easy to use. The users will not face any difficulty in operating the program. It comes with Explorer-like user interface. The users will be able to view and browse the deleted files and folders like the way you browse files on your computer. You can enjoy easy and fully guided step by step wizards which guides you to repair your disk, rebuild partition, and fix the file systems.

By using Magic Partition Recovery, you will be able to repair the corrupted and inaccessible disk. It is done by reconstructing their system structures. The program has the ability to perform smart and content aware analysis to recover the disk system structures. You do not need to worry if your disk is damaged since the program has the ability to recreate missing system structures. Many users are pleased with Magic Partition Recovery since it has the ability to rebuild the FAT and NTFS file systems. The tool will perform comprehensive analysis of disk. The process will check all data sector by sector before making analysis on the content. When there is no file system which is left in the disk, the program will create the new one according to the files which are found by the program. You will find the rebuilt disk is completely usable. The disk also has all files and folders which are available on your disk.

The developers have been tested on various storage media types. These are including magnetic and solid-state hard drivers, memory cards, USB flash drives, and much more. Magic Partition Recovery can be used in all Windows’ versions including XP to Windows 7. If you want to try the program, you might consider getting free version of the program. The free version is able to perform all analysis types and instant pre-recovery preview. It will show the content of recoverable files in WYSIWYG mode.

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