Not Again!

Oh what a hard month! Please…not again :( If on December 2009 ago I got several attacks on my sites, now (again) I have to face another problem, an overload server issue. As you know, I used shared hosting for 1.5 years. And last month, precisely two weeks ago, my shared hosting account had a suspended issue. It’s not a permanent suspended issue, but a temporary one. However, I can’t continue those hosting service because my sites’ performance need higher hosting plan such as dedicated server and/or VPS. The reasons are because of high CPU usage and overload memory issues (they said).

Another problem on this month is attack warning on my Premium WordPress Theme Review site. I forgot to install the security plugin there, so it’s attacked easily by external party, and it causes google sign my site with block warning board. But, it’s over now. The problem has been solved and I have submitted those site to google webmaster for reviewing purpose. Only need 2 days for getting back to normal condition.

Always monitor your server and security if your sites are in high level performance. And don’t forget to always backup your sites.

Anyway, here I am with my empty blog and new higher server. I use VPS now from Future Hosting service. Thank you Allah for blessing me with this another “big rock”, therefore I have new experience and spirit now. You will never leave me alone and I’m sure that every problem will bring me to better step.


  1. says

    assalamualaikum. sist evyt (aneh bgt ya panggilannya),,, how have you been??? really miss you sist… i see you are professional now in internet business,,, i’m happy for that… would you like to share your experiences to me??? i want to learn all about these internet stuffs (sekalian mau nyari duit kak,,, hehehe,,, secara nyari duit susah banget T_T)… really want to see you soon… miss you… ^_^

    • admin says

      wa’alaikumussalam wr wb, klara. hehehe, I’m fine sista, thanks for missing me. I miss you too, all of you ^_^

      Of course, with pleasure. I’m really happy to share these all ‘complicated’ but ‘cool’ stuffs. See you soon, I’ll contact you ASAP :)

  2. says

    With Alexa rank of 1 million plus, you do not any VPS. Share hosting is more than enough for you.

    The problem is you use the wrong hosting services.

    If i may recommend, use hostgator. Your shared hosting will never be suspended as long as your visitor not exceed 70,000 (seventy thousand) visitor a day and you have wp cache installed.

    FYI, (alexa rank 35,000) is on hostgator shared hosting.

    • admin says

      @Fatih, thank you for the recommendation. Yes, it’s true, but I got high resource issue because of the CPU memory usage, not because of the bandwidth. I usually use several plugins for autoblog purpose which sometimes cause high cpu resource, so at this time, the vps is a better choice for that case, even I use wp cache plugin installed too.

      Your alexa rank is great, wonder I’ll reach that rank too :) thanks mr. fatih for your feedback.

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