Mobshield Review

mobshieldboxConcerned parents nowadays becoming more caution since the rate of child abduction and missing child are increased greatly. However, this fact is cannot be separated with the improvement on technology and the trend on public which makes most children has their own cell phone. To the contrary, cell phone is one of the factors which make most children in danger. Besides of the dangerous links that they may open from their cell phone and the probability of having some friends that giving explicit sexual material which from cell phone, there are also some other things which may make the children endangered. Protecting them through the phone which will be brought by them anywhere probably will be the best answer. And it is why there is a parental control and monitoring software for you which is able to help you monitoring your child phone’s activities and restrict the use of it at the same time. The software is called Mobshield.

When people see further on this Mobshield features and capability, they will able to see that this Mobshield also able to work for monitoring everyone else such as the employees and the seniors. But what are their exact capabilities? Here is the further information about this application.


Track Them Anywhere with Mobshield

When people are using Mobishield, this application will be able to track the exact location of the phone and also the real time tracking. In fact, this is able to be done because most people nowadays cannot be separated from their cell phone. As the effect, because most people now always bring their phone, we can check the exact location of someone when we track them by their phone. Mobshield is able to make the cell phone as a GPS tracking device. So when people want to check someone’s location on some exact time, either scheduled or some random time, they can do it easily on their home by using computer.

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Mobshield – Alert You When Something Bad Happens

Other than tracking the exact location of someone, this Mobshield is also able to alert when something bad happens on the user of the cell phone. There are two alert features available on this parental control and monitoring device. The first one is the panic alert. This feature will let the child to dial a secret code when he thinks he is in danger. The code that used will alert all of the family contacts and the parents number altogether with the exact GPS location. By this feature, the child or someone that you want to protect will be able to alert you manually when they are in danger. The second one is the SMS alert. By this feature, this Mobshield will be able to send an alert when a blocked content is opened or attempted or if there is a text with keywords that someone has defined. For example, you set that the defined blocked text as “sex”. Later, when your child is sending or receiving the text with the keyword, you will get an alert immediately.


Mobshield – Full Features

Other than those features, there are also some other features in this Mobshield application. Here are the full features of this Mobshield.

  • Contacts Manager
    There are two types of contact manager in this application. The first one is the black list contacts that makes the user able to block the unwanted calls and messages on the child’s or someone’s phone. Besides, the black list contact is also able to make you keeping the log of communication. The second one is family contacts. The family contact will be useful when the child or person making an alert, since the alerts will be delivered to the designated family contacts. Besides, the contacts which marked as family will never be blacklisted or blocked. Make the family able to keep in contact with the person.
  • Blocking Features
    This feature is able to block application usage and block several websites. The block application usage is able to block the use of 3rd party applications on the phone which may harm your child. Anyway, this application blocking feature is not available in Blackberry. Other than that, the blocking features also contain block websites. This feature makes you able to see what websites that the person has visited with the phone and blocking some harmful sites such as porn websites.
  • Activity Tracking is the feature which makes the user able to track everything that the phone user does. The activity details are such as the incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages, captured photos, sent and received emails, and any URL details which have been visited from a secure web account. The activity tracking is also able to be configured via SMS text commands. Besides, this feature also works even the phone doesn’t have internet connection.
  • GPS Tracking feature: makes you able to locate your child anytime
  • Restrict phone usage: This feature will make you able to control everything that the phone user does with the phone.
  • SIM Change Notification: this feature will alert you when the SIM card is changed. Besides, it will also give you the information about the new phone number and the current location of the phone.
  • Alert features: including the panic alert and SMS alert which has been explained before.
  • Secure Web Account: makes you able to login securely in order to view the details of the activity that the children does with their cell phone.
  • Uninstall Protection: makes the application from being uninstalled without an username and password.

Benefits of Using Mobshield

After seeing those full features, now we can see if there are several benefits from using Mobshield. First, it can be used for anyone who periodically bring and use their phone with them. Second, it can monitor all of the activities and also restricting the usage of the phone against something which can be harmful. Last, it also has the money back guarantee which makes people who still doubted with this application to feel safer. In the end, this Mobshield is an application which should be used and worth to try.

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