Long Time No See, Eh?

Long time no see, eh? How’s it going? Well, I have a lot of stories, but I (still) have no much time to write because I’m handling several projects now. At least, everything is running well. My server is back, my websites are growing, and I’m still trying to reach my dreams, as usual.

After Ramadhan left me behind, I miss it very much. I got so many kindnesses on Ramadhan that will never be gotten in general months. But life must go on and you will never know when you will find a new story in your life.

I remember my favorite quote, “To be or not to be is depend much on your shoulder. Take action and your life will never be same again.” Yeah, I’m doing action now. Talk less, do more. That’s what I try to do.

Sometimes I feel ashamed when my friends have been success, while I haven’t, even though everyone has their own definition about a success. So I decide to work harder, seriously, and focus. I’m sure I can make it. This is a note of mine today, how about yours?


  1. says

    Hi there, Evyta.
    I think this is my first comment on my first visit to your blog. Nice blog. :)

    Reading your post has made me thinking like I’m on the same situation as you’re in.
    I got no updates on my own blog, being busy with another online projects, and feeling the desire to be rush in getting into success. Consequences for all those things are REALLY REALLY hard works.

    Thanks for the spirit in your message.
    Best regards..

    • Vy says


      Hi Abbie, welcome to my blog and thanks for your first comment :)

      Yeah, I think most of bloggers, who try to get success from their blog, are being busy with their online projects he..he..

      I’m glad to know that my post gives spirit for someone. I hope you will get success soon (and so will I).

  2. says

    …And now we’re going to face the next Ramadhan…
    Allaahumma bariklanaa fii rajaba wa syahbana wa balighna ramadhana…

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