My Container Gardening at Home


Since two years ago, I try to grow some trees and vegetables on my small garden at home. Because the area is tiny enough, container gardening is the best choice at this time. As we know, people now has less area for their home in a big city or urban city. It is different from […]

Long Time No See, Eh?

Long time no see, eh? How’s it going? Well, I have a lot of stories, but I (still) have no much time to write because I’m handling several projects now. At least, everything is running well. My server is back, my websites are growing, and I’m still trying to reach my dreams, as usual. After […]

Not Again!


Oh what a hard month! Please…not again If on December 2009 ago I got several attacks on my sites, now (again) I have to face another problem, an overload server issue. As you know, I used shared hosting for 1.5 years. And last month, precisely two weeks ago, my shared hosting account had a suspended […]

Wake Up from Several Attacks


Phew! what a tired week. I’m still in progress of rebuilding some sites after getting various attacks several weeks ago. Well, it’s not only fully external mistake, but also an internal one. I didn’t use high security system on my PC and websites last month, so the external attack became easier to launch their gun! […]