Catalyst Theme: The Ultimate SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Catalyst theme is the incredible newest theme which is actually transformation from Frugal theme, but now we know it as Catalyst with better performance, more complete features and very SEO friendly. It’s the best framework among the others today.

Why it’s the best? Let’s take a look at the features.

22 included custom skins
Catalyst theme has 22 skins included on its layout design. This dynamik child skins are the equivalent of having a professional Catalyst Customizer tweak your design settings for you.

The dynamik child theme provides over 600 no-coding design options
Catalyst core theme has a super clean and flexible WordPress theme framework, but with its dynamik child theme installed, you can add over 600 design options to your toolkit. Even you’re a beginner or developer, this feature can optimize your setting.

Unlimited custom layouts, widgets & hook boxes
With its smart hooks scattered throughout its framework, you are provided with the ability to frame up your individual pages the way you want to.

Custom CSS building tool that writes custom code for you
You can add easily the custom CSS code all over the place without breaking any theme code. With this feature, you don’t need to spend hours learning the CSS syntax, can save your time and energy.

The most comprehensive font control offered in a wordPress theme
Catalyst Theme is fully integrated with the Google Font Directory API, giving you loads more choices for web-safe typography on your sites. There is also an amazing degree of control over how text appears on your site.

Taking (SEO) Search Engine Optimization To The Next Level
With In-Post / In-Page & Homepage Title, Description, Keyword & Meta control along with clean code that makes Search Engines smile, Catalyst provides its users with all the SEO refinement necessary for a serious, professional website that will naturally rise in the rankings.

and many more…

In simple words, this Catalyst theme is everything that you want for SEO friendly and most completed flexible theme around the internet! You can read full features and demo on Catalyst Theme site.


    • admin says

      no, it isn’t. It’s a premium theme, transformed from Frugal theme, but now it’s called catalyst with more additional features

  1. says

    At first it seemed a bit overwhelming but after doing some testing and making adjustments it gets much easier to understand and use.

    Once you start using the custom widget boxes and custom hook areas you start to realize that the sky is the limit :)

    I highly recommend the Catalyst Theme for advanced WordPress users as well as beginners.

    • says

      I have to admit it nice but it’s a little bit expenssive for a personal website. I think there are some other SEO friendly themes out there that are free

    • Evyta says

      wah bukan pak, bukan saya yang bikin theme wp nya hehe…itu theme buatan tim catalyst, orang bule. saia mana sanggup bikin theme wp :D

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