Beware of StreamWP Plugin!

StreamWP plugin is bad! I don’t know how to say it anymore. As you know, StreamWP is one of WordPress plugins for automatically posting TV show and movies for those who try to make money using CPA program. First time when I bought and used it last year, it’s a monthly subscription and it worked well. But after several months, it doesn’t work anymore until now. Even the support system is suck!

This plugin is created by Bob Jones who is also the creator of Lock a Like plugin. Both of the plugins are not good. I have used both of them, and I got negative experience with them. Lock a Like plugin doesn’t have transparent system, why? Until this post is published, its sales page doesn’t tell you how many license you can get for purchasing one plugin. But after you bought it, you only have one license for one website and have to pay additional license. The additional payment isn’t showed on their salespage. It’s like you buy a cat in a sack, you don’t know what exactly your purchased product is. Therefor, customer who has bought it will be shock because it’s not as expected.

Back to StreamWP plugin, I want to share my bad experience about this one. This plugin is worst than Lock a Like because it won’t work and has bad support. I’m thinking that this is only a scam? I don’t know. Why I’m thinking about it? Let’s check it out more.

First, when the plugin can’t work, Bob promised his customer that he will release version 1.5 and fix the problems. So at that time, I didn’t request my money back (refund) and decided to continue the service although the plugin absolutely didn’t work, and I try to wait patiently for version 1.5 released.

When version 1.5 was released, I got an email notification without the download link. Then I asked them for my download link, but they never replied my email. I also have posted a thread on StreamWP forum, but still didn’t get the product download link. I was angry, what kind of support they have?? So I posted a thread which told them that their product is scam because of bad support and no updated download link for old customer. Then they replied my thread and told me that they have sent the download link even he can give proof with screenshot.

In fact, until this post is published, I still NEVER get any download link for StreamWP update! I asked my friend who also bought this plugin and he said that he also still didn’t get the download link or any update. For additional, I saw there are some customers who also have same experience like me, they didn’t get any update too! That’s why I make a conclusion about this plugin that the owner doesn’t have any good intention for his customer.

Until now, I don’t know whether StreamWP 1.5 has been really launched or whether it has worked or not for their old customer.

My advice, for you who read this post, just be careful and don’t buy their product without any intensive survey (especially StreamWP plugin). The price now is up to $197 and I’m sure that you don’t want to spend $197 only for a suck plugin, will you?

Updated 2011
I saw that domain website is listed on Flippa LOL


  1. wang says

    Yup, still didn’t get any download link. Asked about download link twice, no reply till now!

  2. Sam says

    I guess I will agree with your statement….I bought the new plugin and it doesnot work. It doesn’t grab the images and description….it is not even able to fetch videos….I have sent them two mails in past 24 hrs but no response …..I guess I need to file a dispute.

  3. Sam says

    Don’t buy this plugin, it doesn’t work and they don’t even refund the money. These guys are CHEAP!

  4. Allan says

    i buy it 2 and didnt work it sucks …………….can you recommend me a good program or pluggin for wordpress that really work

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