Top 10 Best Shared Hosting

If you are having business in internet marketing business, you might be familiar with shared hosting system. This is one of the most important aspects from internet marketing process. In this present day, there are many options of shared hosting system available. Here are some recommendations for you.


MidPhase HostingThe company provides world class linux web hosting which is supported with state of the art secure data center facilities. The company offers personal and business web hosting plan allowing you to choose the best plan according to your needs. The hosting service is equipped with open source operating system which is installed on the server. The users will not face any difficulty to maintain the system since it is open source. The system is proven not to only be cheap but also reliable.

It is not a problem what operating system which you are using on your desktop or laptop. Your website will be hosted on their server and the company is the one who is doing the maintenance work to keep the server safe and secure. MidPhase comes with 30-day money back guarantee and if it does not make you satisfy, you will get your money refunded.

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Hawk Host

The main focus of Hawk Host is the quality. Because of this, the servers have 8 CPU, 24 GB, and 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives in RAID 10 array. To provide quality, the company offers control panel which is equipped with features and also support team. Those services are available in affordable price. The company believes in uptime and they are doing all the required steps to reach it. The third party vendor is monitoring each server 24/7/365. The company is also completing regular hardware checks. If there is any potential issue, it is reported immediately to their administrators. Hawk Host is confident in providing 99.9% uptime guarantee with those proactive measures. The guarantee is backed by their SLA. Hawk Host understands that website accessibility is important so the company takes each precaution to keep it in that way.

You do not need to worry about the quality of the service since Hawk Host offers the hosting service which is not only safe but also reliable. The company provides 600MB of storage space, 90 GB transfer, cpanel with Fantastico, WordPress Support, and free account transfers. The users are able to try this hosting service for 30-day without any risk since it comes with money back guarantee. If there is anything which makes you not satisfied with the service, there will be no question asked and your money will be refunded. There are some features which are included to the service including unlimited email accounts, free website builder, Litespeed powered, 24/7 superb sales or support, and much more.

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The company provides the most reliable hardware along with simple to use software for their customers. These are also supported with the most knowledgeable support staff. There are some reasons why StableHost is loved by many customers. Those are including easy to use control panel, easy to install software, and much more. It is known that installing various web applications is quite complicated. StableHost provides one click application installer so you can install many popular applications by single click. You will not need to deal with manual installation since the service is using softaculous which will complete various website applications in less than 5 minutes.

StableHost is also equipped with simple to use control panel. The service is integrated with the most advanced panel software from cPanel. For your information, cPanel is the easiest method to control and manage the new hosting platform. The users will be able to complete various tasks easily. Each server is using Litespeed web server which is 6 times faster than Apache. Your website will load immediately. Another feature from StableHost is Cloudlinux. You should know that shared hosting providers get overloaded by abusive customers. If the website is hacked and tries to overload the server, CloudLinux will work by limiting the customer’s website so it will not affect the rest of the server. As the result, your website will be protected from any harm.

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The hosting service is custom building Supermicro servers for high performance web hosting. Each server from Geekstorage is using SSD and 15K SAS drives. This system is useful to provide fast performance. Geekstorage hosting service also features softaculous auto installer. The company provides one-click installation of 245 most popular programs in the internet. The users will be able to demo script before installation before installing it on your account. Another feature which is available in Geekstorage is advanced SPAM filtering. This feature comes in all accounts by default. The users will be able to have total control for the level of spam prevention on their account.

Geekstorage is hiring CloudLinux OS which is working to make sure the resource spikes are kept to minimum. The users can enjoy fast website loading process due to LiteSpeed web server. There are some features which are available in Geekstorage. Those are including free and instant setup, premium network, Intel SSD HDD’s for Database storage, simple to use cPanel Control Panel, daily website backups, 99.9% Uptime guarantee, Attracta SEO tools, Developer-friendly Web Hosting, and much more. You will also get many unlimited features including e-mail addresses, sub-domains, parked domains, FTP accounts, and MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases.

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Eleven 2

This hosting service provides the best quality for their customers. Their service is proven with award which they won. The service is not only reliable but also affordable. For the people who do not have any idea on building their website, Eleven 2 offers RVSiteBuilder and Parallels SiteBuilder. You will be able to build featured website in minutes by using various tools available. The users can install more than 110 scripts instantly with Softaculous. The users will not face any difficulty in using this feature. If there is any new script upgrade available, the users will get email alerts.

The users can also enjoy free site migrations. Eleven 2 is working to help you to transfer any file to them without any additional fee. If there is any question or your need any help, you can always contact their technical support. The company provides 24/7 tech support which is always ready to help you. The users are able to start the live chat or give them call. Eleven 2 also provides free CDN hosting and free website firewall. Other features which you can enjoy are including free website security, free and unlimited email accounts, and free daily backup.

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This affordable hosting service will be good option for personal website or small business. Using shared web server is more recommended for small business since they can enjoy the hosting service while keeping the fees as low as possible. All plans from WestHost are including 24/7 US based support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free site transfer, free nightly backups, 100% satisfaction promise, and 60-day money back guarantee. The users have the opportunity to try the service for 60-day. If there is anything which makes them not satisfied, they can get their money refunded.

WestHost comes with 24/7 based support. When you need any help, the support team is always ready to help you. The hosting service is equipped with enhanced console which is working to manage the website hosting service integrated with popular cPanel. Each account from WestHost is customized to provide easy to use experience for the users. It is possible for you to order new dedicated web hosting services, view invoices, domain names, manage support tickets, and more. WestHost is equipped with online website builder which is the fast and professional method to build any website. Even though you are a beginner in website building, you will be able to create your own website.

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Another option of shared hosting is Enterprise Hosting from . This Enterprise hosting service is powered by cPanel. It is quite different with other hosting services since it is bridging the gap between shared account and physical or virtual web server. Enterprise Hosting is more recommended for people who need little more power and you do not want to pay for oversold service with the competition. When you are using the service from SimplexWebs, you will not need to deal with limitations anymore. The service has ultra low number of account each server allowing you to get greater share of system resources per web hosting account.

You do not need to worry about the quality of the service since SimplexWebs has been offering their service since years ago. Their service is indeed safe and reliable. The company keeps monitoring their servers for 24 hours to make sure maximum performance for the customers. If there is any issue occurs, the users will be covered with 99.9% uptime SLA. SimplexWebs puts the standard where they are only using Enterprise grade hardware which is designed by Dell. The company has the mission to provide responsive and lightning quick service. The customers can expect outstanding performance from the company.

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The web hosting service from InnoHosting is including standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24x7x365 technical support, 16-day money back guarantee, and encrypted nightly offsite backups. You can choose the best option between personal and business web hosting packages. The company has designed their web hosting packages to accommodate basic or complex requirements. The web hosting packages from InnoHosting are suitable for business which needs high uptime web hosting with 24x7support.

InnoHosting offers quad core IBM servers. The company knows it well that customers need to use the quality enterprise systems to make sure their service. Due to this reason, the company provides high quality scalable systems. The customers can also enjoy fast response support. One of the main priorities from the company is efficient customer support. InnoHosting provides the access to UK and US toll free numbers, live chat support, and hosted helpdesk. The company has designed to fulfill the need of light user to heavy demanding E-commerce users. You are able to try the service for 16-day and if there is any issue, you can get your money refunded. Another feature which comes with the service is free quick SSL which is included with chosen packages.

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The service from MDDHosting is available in affordable prices making it suitable for individual or business. The company is proud to provide high quality services and support. The customers can enjoy 24/7/365 support allowing them to ask any question or help anytime they need. This support is given through support ticket system which is considered as the quickest and the most efficient method to solve most issue in web hosting. By using support tickets, the customers have the ability to copy and paste the error and messages. This helpful information cannot be repeated easily on the phone.

MDDHosting is supported with Litespeed which is 9 times faster than Apache web hosting. As he result, it will process PHP 50% faster. The Litespeed feature will support htaccess, mod_rewrite, and anything which Apache is popular for. For your information, if your website is operating well on Apache host, it is working much better and faster on Litespeed. The company is using the best datacenter to provide the best service level. They are building the servers with Dual Xeon Quad Core processors and a minimum of 12 gigabytes of ram.

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