I like blogging, writing, reading, gardening, traveling and culinary. I am living in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia, and writing under the name Evyta Ar. You can call me Evy. I have graduated my Bachelor degree from Chemical Engineering major, North Sumatera University.

Now I’m working on my own business. Since I have graduated from college, I never applied any job vacancy. It’s all because I don’t like working as common people do. Go to the office at 7.00 am, stay there and do a lot of jobs behind the table, go outside for field survey, and then go home at 5.00 pm, everyday for long term working, while the salary may not be balance with the effort and we cannot develop ourselves better. No, It’s not my style. I want to enjoy my work, so that I can develop myself, get happiness and more benefits. Besides, I need to give more advantages rather than I work at the office. That’s why I decided to hold my own business in internet marketing field.

There is a nice quote that I like very much and becomes my favorite quote,

“To be or not to be is depend much on your shoulder. Take action and your life will never be same again” (Quote by Satria Hadi Lubis)

I have a lot of dreams. It’s like a mountain. Yes, mountain. For some people, it’s too naif. But for me, dream is a start. By dreaming, I can make a force for better step. Now, I’m trying to reach all my goals and dreams from my lovely sites, and in the same time, I give all my hope to Allah who is the only One for making all hopes come true.

This is my personal blog. I usually write my thought, review, note, and ideas here. If you have any feedback for me and my site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Evyta Ar
Medan, Indonesia

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